Today has been especially tough for me. I feel like someone is really slamming the grief button. To be honest, most Thursdays have felt this way but today I especially feel it. It’s now been 40 weeks since that day and while we’re nearing a year, every moment of that day is so very clear. Thursday is especially unique for me because it has long been my favorite day of the week. For many people it’s either Friday or Saturday. For me it has always been Thursday. So I wrote something that has since floated in my thoughts every Thursday. I’ve struggled with what I should post on this site. I see it as a place to honor his memory and share what we’re going through. While every Thursday is very difficult, I find great comfort knowing he is with God and that we’ll someday meet again.


Thursday was my favorite day.
A reminder Friday is near.
There is still time,
to do the things that need to be done.
A reminder the weekend is near
and the fun to come.

Until the Thursday we met and every
Thursday thereafter.

A reminder of Fridays we’ll never share.
The time lost, the things that’ll never be done.
A reminder of weekends we’ll never share.

Now every Thursday is the same Thursday.
A Thursday full of pain and loss.
A Thursday full of hopes I had for you.

On Thursday I said hello and goodbye
to my baby boy.

Thursday was my favorite day.

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